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Please read my profile and my tip menu before you make a move, and check out my videos :)

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I just uploaded a new video! You are always asking for anal sex in my streaming sessions so i made a video where I'm streching my ass first with my fingers then you two different sized dildo. I hope you are going to enjoy it as much as i loved makin' it.
About me
I'm a Hungarian woman at the age of 26. Currently single, but i have two little cute dogs so I'm in good hands :) I rent a place where I can stream freely and I don't have to care about vioces, juices or anything.... I started this "job "many years ago, and I'm in love with the idea of interacting with people all around the world in a free exciting and many times funny situations. I would love to learn many things about my audience and I hope I can share some interesting things about our huge world. I'm interested in sexual fantasies and basicly anything what have a real meaning in here. I would love to be amazed by your sweetness or intelligence. And my absolute dream is to build a community where everybody would feel free and happy. I hope we can achive this dream together and statisfy what we are really looking for.
If you are so kind and sweet to play with me, here are my levels. Secret advice: Domi is my favourite sensation and it's working from 100 tokins ;) [5 to 14 tokens] LUSH = 1 SECONDS( Low Vibrations) [15 to 99 tokens] LUSH = 5 SECONDS( Medium Vibrations) [100 to 200 tokens] LUSH,DOMI = 10 SECONDS( Medium Vibrations) [201 to 499 tokens] DOMI,LUSH = 20 SECONDS( High Vibrations) [500 to 699 tokens] DOMI,LUSH = 35 SECONDS( High Vibrations) [700 to 999 tokens] DOMI,LUSH = 45 SECONDS( Ultra high Vibrations) [1000 to 1500 tokens] DOMI,LUSH = 60 SECONDS( Ultra high Vibrations) Special Commands: [111 Tokens] = Send 20 second wave pattern [222 Tokens] = Send 20 second pulse pattern [333 Tokens] = Send 20 second earthquake pattern [444 Tokens] = Send 40 second fireworks pattern
I have one rule only, be kind and I'm going to be kind and sweet for you too. And if you are rude or demanding, Me or my Knights kick you out of my room instantly I can promise that. PM's: My PM is always open and you don't need to tip for that. Just please be known if I don't reply on fapping topics, spamming etc.... I'm going to know that you are a freeloader from one sentence. And if you are a freeloader and spamming master why should I care? :D
PRIVATE Rules: If you ask me as a cam model the most exciting thing if you are in a private show. The thing that You and Me are all together in one place is very confortable and much more easier to focus only on You. So please don't forget if we are in a private show you can have all of me and any other else is not inportant for me because I have to leave my audience only for You. I <3 PVT
SNAPCHAT: Yes i'm selling snapchat contacts, that means you can get pics and smaller videos of me in a daily basis. Please be known that I don't have time to chat with you all the time and you are not the only one who I'am talking to with this app. YES I do naked and erotic content ;) but I don't make video calls only if you are super duper kind and lovely for me. If you were be so kind and tipped me 333 tokins, feel free to PM me and tell me your snapchat username.


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