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The outside might get you to think that i am a sweet and innocent young girl, but when reality strikes you discover my dark side, I have a naughty streak hidden within me that I can't help to reveal when I am treated in the right way You can start by offering me a a certain level of love and consideration, after all I am not just a sex object. Like any woman I require an appropriate level of physical and mental stimulation but once you truly arouse me I will become very compliant to your needs and when I say "very", I actually mean it... That's when the real me is revealed. That's when my inner desires will hit the surface and start to make you weak, like a fly caught in a spider web... You are the fly and I am the spider I dare to say that you will never get bored when you are with me, my intense desire to have fun is simply contagious and the best thing about this is the fact that my type of fun is not one you see in many girls, not even here. I am all about sexual fun, the real kinky games only two grownups can play. Yes, we can talk too, but first you need to get me tired.. wink! :) I would try to explain my shows to you, but I don't think words will make them justice, not that i don't know what modesty is but I also know my value and the quality of my work, I think before me saying anything about the shows you should buy one of my videos and see for yourself what I am talking about. Enough words for now, I am sure you want to get to know me better and this is actually quite easy, I will let you figure out where you can discover me all but I will also give you a hint. The informartion is ....private!